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Vianet Test Suite

Includes all the software applications and services to help you in your test delivery project from exam packing, editing, reporting, and data banking, plus on-line sample test as a test preTestMaster, EditMaster, ReviewMaster in one packageparation tool.


  • TestsMaster - Exam Packing Service
  • EditMaster - Content Editor Service
  • ReviewMaster - OnLine Sample Test Service
  • Technical Support 24/7

All our services come with a comprehensive suite of measures to guarantee security and control.


TestsMaster  is for creating customized tests. It supports a wide range of testing including those with graphics, audio, calculating and translation in different languages. Other features can be customized  or added.

 Create customized test


  • Easy to navigate test screens.
  • Configurable to meet specific needs including playing of audio files, various on-screen graphics and diagrams, testing in multiple languages, and developing exams in linear or computer adaptive formats.
  • Standard features include on-screen calculator, various tasks such as tagging of questions for review, viewing of entire test, and accessing help screen at any time during the test.
  • View and obtain test results and reports. Customized reports and results can also be generated, if needed.
  • Free Training
  • Free unlimited 24/7 Support

EditMaster Service

EditMaster Service is for secure and easy editing and managing of test items.

Manage Test items and Images at no additional cost


  • Secure Content Hosting
  • Content Editor Software
  • Easy to manage features including item changes, adding graphics, or test forms
  • Test items in existing formats imported/exported at no additional costs
  • Includes secure Administration Panel to add/edit/delete test questions
  • Content Editor Support
  • Free Training
  • Free unlimited 24/7 Technical Support

ReviewMaster Service

ReviewMaster  is for delivering online practice tests. On line practice tests provides test takers with  the opportunity to familiarize with the testing experience. Sample tests come with all the features for real test plus an interactive correct answers display.

Deliver Online Practice Test